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Slice Slice Baby! Broadway Pizza – Review


If you want to know what true love feels like, order a pizza. Even if it’s not the best pizza in the world, the cheesy goodness will still give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.


True love!

For a city famous for hating everything happening within it, Karachi sure loves it food.  Every corner you turn you find four different pizza parlours, all offering ‘the largest’ or ‘the tastiest’ ‘the one for health conscious (yes!)’ and more. The streets are lined with massive billboards, tempting you with pictures of pizzas all stolen from the internet.

So what’s the deal with this cheesy piece of bread that makes us Karachiites so insane? To answer this question, I valiantly sacrificed myself as a test subject and volunteered to find the best pizzas in the city. Yes, only for you all, I will order and eat all the pizzas I can find in Karachi and give you the final verdict.


Now I have already tried out the pizzas from various top outlets in Karachi and I have a few favourites. But in the spirit of having something different, I decided to order from the very famous (yet unexplored by me) Broadway Pizza.

The deals they were offering looked very enticing and being a sucker for some good pizza, convinced my mum to drop the idea of cooking something sad and ordered ‘The Full Deal’. The deal boasted a 20inch pizza of my choice, with an appetizer, a side, a 1.5 litre drink and 6 sauces.

Mentally prepared to gain 10 kg after this meal, I eagerly waited for my food to come. Promptly at 2pm, the time the guy on the phone told me it would arrive, the delivery guy showed up at my door. The pizza box was so huge, it wouldn’t fit in through the door, so I had to go find the key to open the extension (yep that was fun).  Three more trips in and out of the house with the food and I finally said goodbye to the delivery man (good guy.)

There are around 7 people in my house. And nobody was worried about not getting a piece (I don’t like to share). The box opened up to a very delightful looking heart shaped pizza! YES THE PIZZA LOVES ME TOO! My life is complete! Ok! So the love was short-lived because well I ate it. . February being considered the month of love (gag) I think this is the best a pizza parlour could do to keep up with the theme.


The pizza I ordered was Gypsy Euro, for appetizers, I got the Garlic Mayo Chicken wings, the side was Potato skins. Confused about the sauces, the guy taking my order said he would give me one of each. So I had 3 Garlic Mayo Ranch (everybody loved them), and 1 each of Jalapeno Ranch (a bit spicy), BBQ Ranch (liked the smokey flavour) and Spicy Buffalo (like the name said, too spicy).

The pizza was perfection. Thin crust just as I asked, it was crunchy and gooey at the same time. While I am a pepperoni pizza person, I had to keep in mind the others so Gypsy Euro with its topping of chicken sausages, smoked chicken and mushrooms among other things seemed the safest bet. And it delighted everyone. My dad who isn’t a fan of pizzas (yes, the horror!) too couldn’t resist. The huge slices meant nobody really had room for a second piece, even if they wanted to.  I don’t really like chicken wings, but my mum said she really liked them. The potato skins looked a little sad, but taste-wise they didn’t disappoint.

All in all, the little lunch I planned for the family went really well. Broadway Pizza has passed my test. Now looking for the next victim!

Much love,


Food Review: Habanero Mexican Grill


So I still think that the best thing to come from Mexico is Hector Salamanca, who tells you to go to hell with just a ding!  However the food isn’t all that bad either.  I recently got a chance to try out a new Mexican themed restaurant in Karachi, and while there was no Hector, everything, from the décor to the items on the menu, gave off a vibe of Mexico.


I am a foodie at best, and my recent visits to numerous restaurants across the city have really awakened the critic in me. But again I haven’t had a taste of original Mexican food, so forgive me if my review doesn’t do it proper justice.

Located on Main Khayaban e Shahbaz, the quaint little place has funny little posters adorned on the walls: Exhibit A.


A closer look

A closer look

But the thing you notice first is this brightly colored mosaic on the front wall, which upon close inspection you realize is a shot from one of their platters. Yes, that is a boiled egg.


We were a group of four people, eager to expand our (mine in particular) desi palates and so ordered Chipotle Chicken fries and Chilli Poppers for starters, Shell and Soft Tacos, Burrito Bowl and Tex Mex Burger as mains.

The starters:

Chipotle Chicken fries were everything you would want a plate of fries to be. Crispy, cheesy and loaded with other crunchy bits like sweet corn, jalapenos, red beans (there are red beans in everything, score! I love them yes). They are listed as starters but can be a complete meal on their own, if you are hungry for some crunchy munchies. The Chilli Poppers were ok. Their filling needs a little work I guess.

11903358_10156011401360541_142792327_n 11917314_10156011401370541_92514475_n

The mains:

while I was already loaded with the fries, the mains were served. I tried a little of everything (such fun!) From the two kinds of Tacos, I preferred the Shell ones, though I wasn’t a fan of the after taste. The soft ones were juicy and well soft, and of course full of more beans! The Burrito Bowl was (as the name suggests) a bowl full of all the burrito ingredients sitting atop a bed of rice and topped with a generous serving of cream. It was a little difficult getting a bite of everything together, the rice just weren’t ready to be consumed by me, had to really dig for them, but taste wise everything was spot on. And now the burger. The desi in me had ordered it, and while everything else was fine, I wasn’t too happy with beans it in. I love beans, I might have told you before, but in my burger, no. That was the only thing I didn’t like about it. My tastebuds tried to be Mexican, they really did, unfortunately they are Pakistani down to the very last chromosome.

11896559_10156015290410541_8391381415293895387_o 11913196_10156011401340541_1579278253_n 11910811_10156011401355541_1126296636_n 11920512_10156011401365541_526759941_n

The drinks:

We ordered Bloody Orange, Ginger Mint Cooler, Blue Mist and Habanero Special. Out of all four, I loved Bloody Orange the most, and the best part was I ordered it, so while others got a sip, I finished it all off. I would go as far as saying that it is the perfect summer drink. Imagine lying on the beach (not chee-view, a cleaner one) and sipping a big glass of Bloody Orange. Nothing bloody about it though, except maybe the color (that’s good right) and came with a scoop of gelato.


The Desserts:

We ordered Chocolate Heaven Cake Slice, and Cheesecake. Couldn’t decide between strawberry and blueberry topping for cheesecake, so got both, genius right. The desserts were both absolutely delicious and we ate it up in a few quick bites.

11944876_10156011401350541_1746239722_n 11940649_10156011401345541_1088944885_n


Definitely try the Chipotle Chicken Fries.

Go for the Shell Tacos.

Bloody Orange all the way!

And desserts have them all!

I now can’t wait to try their pizzas and nachos. Don’t know why I didn’t try those.

For more info: visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/habaneromx

Shan Foods – Khushiyan Chakh Lo‬


As a child, I used to believe Shan Foods was hand made by the Pakistani actor Shan. I was a very innocent kid, (read dumb) (I even thought accidentally mixing bubble bath with washing powder would magically grow clothes onto your body… what?).

Shan Foods has been servicing Pakistan for over 3 decades and now has expanded its market to provide a taste of home to those living abroad. People who have been abroad, know the main issue with food is it being Halal. The only way you can be sure is if you cook it yourself. And God help you if you can’t cook. So with Shan Masalas now available across the globe, an amateur too can cook wonders. even if you find yourself living in a different country, alone. All you need to do is read the instructions written on the label, or maybe call a relative (skype anyone). This is perfectly expressed in their latest ad that is currently being aired. Even the most stoic hearts such as myself, quietly shed a tear or two watching as two brothers celebrate Eid away from their mother, but remembering her with one of her specialty dishes. Scroll down below to watch it if you haven’t.

A while back my uncle from India was visiting us. My mom’s Indian, and her entire family still lives there. He could not shut up about how good our food was. Insisted on taking boxes upon boxes of Shan Masalas, even though his luggage could hold no more.

There was a time when my mum went to India for two months. That period was one of the funniest ever since my dad was in charge of feeding his four clueless kids. His idea of cooking was putting in all the Shan masalas his hands could reach into a pot of boiling chicken, (yes like mixing biryani and kebab masala) and we were so horrified watching him cook, we ate silently. Thinking about it now, I don’t think anything he cooked tasted off. Maybe Shan Masalas are made for clueless cooks as well as professional ones.

If you are anything like me, you only cook if your life depended upon it (yay us). But in light of recent events, I went through a serious lifestyle change, that meant eating healthy. So I took it upon myself to make my own healthy food. While my family enjoyed biryanis and pulaos, I sucked up and ate my boiled cabbage soup. Sure it was sad but it wasn’t all terrible. On my proteins days, I got to enjoy a delicious grilled chicken, which I made with my secret recipe! (ok no, it was just marinated with some lemon juice and Shan Masala.) But it was something I looked forward to.

Gone are the days when aunties would gather, mixing different spices to prepare delicious dishes (sometimes I wish I was born in that era). However we too have our own spectacular feasts. Only ours is prepared much quicker thanks to Shan Masalas.

My 13 day diet – Final Chapter


Oh my God! It’s over! The torture is finally over. I wanted to blog on the last day as well, but WordPress got banned for  day in my country. Fun. Anyway, Sunday was the 13th day of my diet and I successfully managed to pull through. Woke up Monday to a big breakfast of Halwa Puri (I don’t know how to translate that). Then yes, had a box full of chocolate chip cookies … and my evening I was all ready to throw up (and I did).

Today however, even the thought of food is making me slightly nauseous, especially things with sugar. I was looking for pictures of chocolate for work (yes, I work) and all the time I spent looking at those gooey melty chocolate images, all I could think of was Good God the sugar will kill me.

OMG, It's so rich I'm going to dieeeee!

OMG, It’s so rich I’m going to dieeeee!

So I guess that is one good thing about the diet. Not only has the diet killed off my cravings (after a box full of cookies) it makes me look at all oily, full of calories, food in absolute terror.

The main concern I now have is to keep off all the weight I lost, and yes I lost weight. Not as much as I wanted to but still enough to make me giddy and fit into my old jeans!

So this chapter of my life is done with! I will be back with reviews of food and restaurants soon enough, and hopefully will keep trying to lose weight and share the stories with you all!

Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!!

My 13 day diet – Entry 8


11:30 am: The countdown has begun (well I was counting down from the day I started). So I have completed 11 days of this torturous diet, cheating not even once, even though temptations came from every corner. And frankly now this thing needs to be over. I am tired of letting all that delicious food down. Food that looks at me with those gorgeous colors and asks me to give it a warm comforting home in my tummy. 2 days might as well be 20! But anyway, breakfast is done. Lunch is a few hours away (cottage cheese and carrots) and the dinner and then day 11 will be over too! Till then..

If Only

If Only

4:30 pm: Lunch was good. As before I grilled the cubes of cottage cheese and steamed a carrot. The bread I have from breakfast, multigrain bread with bits of herbs is the only meal I have actually looked forward to on this diet. So far I have lost around 4000 grams. Yes, you guys can convert kgs to pounds, I will convert them to grams. That helps my case and sounds pretty impressive too. I fear my state when this diet will be over. I have already made a mental note of all the things I will eat after the diet, I just hope I don’t gain back all those 4000 grams. That is going to be worse than 4kgs!! Lord help me.


Dinner tonight will be a bowl of fruits (one apple) and yogurt. Yay me!



My 13 day diet – entry 4


11;00 am: Couldn’t sleep well last night, so woke up extremely groggy. Had to rush to work too, so to stay awake, had two cups of coffee at home, and 2 pieces of toast. Came to work, and God bless him, the kitchen guy gave me yet one more cup. I could be jumping up and down right now, but my lazy cells outweigh the caffeine molecules. I am just waiting for this caffeine high to crash, we all know that’s going to happen very soon, and oh boy it’s not going to end well.


It's a wonder what things three cups of dark roasted coffee will make think about..

It’s a wonder what things three cups of dark roasted coffee will make think about..

3:50 pm: My lunch today consists of a cup of green beans and tomatoes with two boiled eggs. So surprise surprise I don’t feel very hungry today (That’s a first in a very long time). Adding to the coffee is 3 glasses of water (didn’t I mention I need to have a minimum of 8 glasses everyday) and the office guy just gave me some green tea. So I can feel waves ebbing and flowing inside me every time I move. Not a very pleasant visual I know. Bear with me. I have until 6 to finish my poor lunch. God give me strength. More later.


The struggle is too real.

The struggle is too real.

5: 20 pm: So forced myself to devour one the unborn, boiled and peeled.. eggs (don’t get any ideas I am not at the murderous stage yet, it has only been 3 days…. sob). The green beans weren’t so bad. I think i have grown rather fond on them. Steam em’ up for a few minutes and sprinkle on some salt and paprika and they don’t taste half as bad as I expected. I have already decided what I will have for dinner later tonight. Yay me!

8: 40 pm: I am allowed chicken and a green salad, so I boiled a few pieces and shred it, tossed in some spinach, cabbage and some more green beans. The green beans were a bad idea. Too much in the same day made me grow weary of them already, just as I was starting to like the damn things. The caffeine crash is yet to kick in, maybe I’ll sleep and avoid the fiasco altogether. Let’s hope I dream of Pizza!

So ready for Day 4!

My 13 day diet – entry 3


9:30 am; So I woke up to the news that the condition in the city was not too favorable to go to work. Yes, it happens more often that you would think. So I rejoiced a little and went back to sleep for half an hour. at 10, I finally got up, more for the breakfast I was promised by the meal plan than anything else. I could chomp down as many slices of wheat/multigrain bread as I wanted along with coffee and some margarine. It’s like being in a candyshop where wheat is the new sugar (so sad my life has become). Anyway I had two slices of this gorgeous multigrain bread that I bought from a nearby bakery. It really made up the getting out of bed worthwhile. Now, I sit back and wait for it to be lunch time. Yum Yum Yum!

photo (1)

Breakfast with myself!

 4;30 pm: When you spend an entire day at home, by law you must spend it all my destroying whatever you can find in the kitchen (yes, I mean food). So imagine the pain this particular strike day caused me. One hour after breakfast, I was hungry again (That’s a new personal record btw). I shut myself in my room with some green tea and watched the latest episode of Brooklyn 99. By 2pm I decided it was safe for me to have lunch. My lunch plan today allowed me some protein along with a green salad (cucumber and lettuce it said) Lettuce I didn’t have. So i steamed some green beans and spinach along with a few cabbage leaves. The protein for me for minced chicken grinded with some green chillies, an onion and a few cloves of garlic (if they can ward of a vampire, maybe they can help me too).

Questions I ask myself.

Questions I ask myself.

9;00 pm: Two whole days of dieting and I am still not thin yet ( I know I am as surprised as you all). My relatives (the ones I actually like) showed up around dinner today. Mom made chicken karhai. It took every atom within to keep myself from sampling some. Dinner again was more chicken and only chicken so I grilled some kebabs again. Since no oil is to be used, it is wise to use a nonstick, otherwise the goop will become something even your cat won’t eat.

So ready for day 3!