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Pakistan’s first Halal Makeup!


You might have been on the receiving (even forwarding) end of that email which warned ladies of the lead content in lipsticks. Or you could be related to people who told you that young girls doing makeup ran the risk of getting ugly wrinkly skin sooner than natural. I happen to have experienced both (yes, received and forwarded) but still then I refuse to care. I am a self acclaimed makeup buff, and proudly own more lipsticks, nail polishes, glosses, blush kits etc than can be counted. And I do dish quite a hefty price for them every now and then. So tell me my lipstick is full of lead and I should throw it away, and I will give you a look that will burn you from inside out. That is my version of leading the thug life!

However for those of you ladies who do care, I have some good news. Masarrat Misbah, (an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and one of the pioneers of the hair and beauty industry of Pakistan with the Depilex Group which hosts Pakistan’s largest chain of salons, Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute) has launched a line of Pakistan’s first Halal Certified Makeup ‘Masarrat Makeup’ (MM).

Masarrat Misbah is the lady who clearly has my respect. She has done extensive work for the rehabilitation of burnt and acid attack survivors in Pakistan and continues to facilitate these wonderful women in various ways, many of whom actively work in her beauty clinics.

So when the lady introduces her line of Halal and safe makeup, you know it’s going to be something worth trying. I read articles almost everywhere stating that most lipsticks contain fish scales, or other things deemed unlawful in Islam. These products are free from any animal substances and other toxic chemicals.

A great of research went into the developing the right formula for these products and has been made keeping in mind the unique skin tone of Asian women. According to Misbah herself

“MMMakeuphas become a reality after two years of research, primarily focused on a color range best adapted for the Asian skin tone, climate and complexion, with an emphasis on textures, colors, pigments and most importantly formulations.”

At present MM Makeup is available for customers in Pakistan only and can be bought online via cash on delivery. The makeup will be available at all leading outlets in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in June. International customers interested in the line will also be able to get their hands on MM Makeup in June 2015.

Can’t wait to try them out myself!

For more details:






My 13 day diet – entry 3


9:30 am; So I woke up to the news that the condition in the city was not too favorable to go to work. Yes, it happens more often that you would think. So I rejoiced a little and went back to sleep for half an hour. at 10, I finally got up, more for the breakfast I was promised by the meal plan than anything else. I could chomp down as many slices of wheat/multigrain bread as I wanted along with coffee and some margarine. It’s like being in a candyshop where wheat is the new sugar (so sad my life has become). Anyway I had two slices of this gorgeous multigrain bread that I bought from a nearby bakery. It really made up the getting out of bed worthwhile. Now, I sit back and wait for it to be lunch time. Yum Yum Yum!

photo (1)

Breakfast with myself!

 4;30 pm: When you spend an entire day at home, by law you must spend it all my destroying whatever you can find in the kitchen (yes, I mean food). So imagine the pain this particular strike day caused me. One hour after breakfast, I was hungry again (That’s a new personal record btw). I shut myself in my room with some green tea and watched the latest episode of Brooklyn 99. By 2pm I decided it was safe for me to have lunch. My lunch plan today allowed me some protein along with a green salad (cucumber and lettuce it said) Lettuce I didn’t have. So i steamed some green beans and spinach along with a few cabbage leaves. The protein for me for minced chicken grinded with some green chillies, an onion and a few cloves of garlic (if they can ward of a vampire, maybe they can help me too).

Questions I ask myself.

Questions I ask myself.

9;00 pm: Two whole days of dieting and I am still not thin yet ( I know I am as surprised as you all). My relatives (the ones I actually like) showed up around dinner today. Mom made chicken karhai. It took every atom within to keep myself from sampling some. Dinner again was more chicken and only chicken so I grilled some kebabs again. Since no oil is to be used, it is wise to use a nonstick, otherwise the goop will become something even your cat won’t eat.

So ready for day 3!

Lux Style Awards 2013 – And the nominees are.


LSA 2013 logo

It’s that time of the year again! All the television shows, music and fashion trends and styles that you were forced to witness this past year will be judged and rewarded accordingly.

The 12th Annual LUX Style Awards to be held soon have released a list of nominations in 22 categories in the field of television, music and fashion. The Nominations are mentioned below.



Unfortunately, the film industry in Pakistan is not very active. Last year one film was released from Pakistan ‘Bol’ which was duly nominated and won without much competition. This time however we were content watching movies from across the border and seven seas.


Best TV Play (Satellite)

  • Humsafar on Hum TV (Producer Momina Duraid)
  • Maat on Hum TV (Producer Amna Nawaz Khan)
  • Manjali on Geo Entertainment (Producer Humayun Saeed & Shezad Naseeb)
  • Mera Yaqeen on ARY Digital (Producer Asif Raza Mir & Babar Javed)
  • Shehre Zaat on Hum TV (Producer Abdullah Kadwani, Asad Qureshi & Momina Duraid)

I think: Well I am sorry I could not watch any of the above shows, but considering how Humsafar trended on Twitter every time it was aired, I think it is probably going to win.

Best TV Actress (Satellite)

  • Hina Dilpazeer for Qudusi Sahab Ki Bewa on ARY Digital
  • Mahira Khan for Humsafar on Hum TV
  • Mahvish Hayat for Mere Qatil Mere Dildar on Hum TV
  • Saba Hameed for Manjali on Geo Entertainment
  • Saba Qamar for Maat on Hum TV

I think: Every sane living breathing human adult in Pakistan would agree with me when I say this award should go to Hina Dilpazeer. Qudusi Sahab ki Bewa is perhaps the only show I have seen and this in its own speaks volumes in its favor.

Best TV Actor (Satellite) 

  • Adnan Siddiqui for Mere Qatil Mere Dildar on Hum TV
  • Faisal Qureshi for Jahez on Geo Entertainment
  • Fawad Khan for Humsafar on Hum TV
  • Imran Aslam for Sanjha on Hum TV
  • Shahood Alvi for Mere Huzoor on Express Entertainment

I think: For this category I am going to go ahead and say Fawad Khan. Having the power to make women young and old swoon alike cannot be taken lightly.

Best TV Play (Terrestrial)

  • Mein on PTV (Producer Studio 63)
  • Mein Muhabbat aur Tum on A Plus (Producer Shehzad Chaudry)
  • Paayal on PTV (Producer Yamin Malik)
  • Qeemat on A Plus (Producer Kamran Khan)
  • Tilafi on PTV (Producer Humayun Saeed & Shahzad Naseeb)

I think: Ok I admit defeat for this category. I will take a lucky guess and say Tilafi because it sounds cool and I don’t know what it means.

Best TV Actress (Terrestrial)

  • Beenish Chohan for Chalo phir se Jee ke Dekhen on PTV
  • Fiza Ali for Love, Life aur Lahore on A Plus
  • Mahnoor Baloch for Tilafi on PTV
  • Mahvish Hayat for Mein on PTV
  • Resham for Ek Yaad Hai on A Plus

I think: This award should go to Mahnoor Baloch. Any woman who can look like her at that age deserves an award with no questions asked.

Best TV Actor (Terrestrial)

  • Babar Ali for Mein on PTV
  • Kashif Mehmood for Love, Life aur Lahore on A Plus
  • Nauman Ejaz for Qeemat on A Plus
  • Saleem Shaikh for Anokha Ladla II on PTV
  • Sami Khan for Mein on PTV

I think: The winner to me is Saleem Shaikh because puhlease he is Anokha Ladla (unique baby boy)

I honestly don’t know the difference between terrestrial and satellite television plays. All I know is that more shows now have a chance to win. See your favorite show above? It means you can no longer be judged for watching it.

Best TV Director

  • Amna Nawaz for Maat on Hum TV
  • Hassam Hussain for Durr-e Shahwar on Hum TV
  • Kashif Nisar for Mein on PTV
  • Nadeem Baig for Manjali on Geo
  • Sarmad Khoosat for Humsafar on Hum TV

I think: Haven’t we given all awards to Humsafar already?

Best TV Writer

  • Amna Mufti for Jahez on Geo
  • Faiza Iftikhar for Bilquis Kaur on Hum TV
  • Khalil-ur-Rehman for Manjali on Geo
  • Seema Munaf for Tilafi on PTV
  • Umera Ahmed for Maat on Hum TV

I think: Jahez is a laanat (curse). A show which portrays it as such has my vote.


Best Album

  • Chahar Balish by Sajjad Ali
  • Circus in the Sky by Usman Riaz
  • Khamoshi by Ayesha Omar
  • Naubahar by Dynoman
  • The Harvest by Sajid & Zeeshan

I think: Sajjad Ali is still there?

Song of the Year

  • Ankahi by Overload
  • Jaag by Jarar Malik
  • Kahani Purani by Mooroo
  • Katna Nae by Sajjad Ali
  • Pi Jaon by Farhan Saeed

I think: Pi jaon? Really dude? You talk about drinking and expect to win? I vote for Jaag (wake up) because that is something I really need to do.

Best Emerging Talent

  • Ahmed Siddiqui
  • Faaris Shafi
  • Mooroo
  • Naseer and Shahab
  • Sibti

I think: Mooroo? If that’s the name you proudly flaunt, you win!

Best Music Video Director

  • Farhad Humayun for Ankahi
  • Hammad Khan for Ane de
  • Sohaib Akhtar- for Khamoshi
  • Taimoor Salahuddin for Awam
  • Taimoor Salahuddin for Kahani Purani

I think: Ane de (let it come) for such confidence you are a declared winner.

Best Original Sound Track (OST)

  • Hain Yeh Silsilay by Zoe Viccaji for Tanhayan Naye Silsilay on ARY Digital
  • Matae Jaan by Bilal Khan for Matae Jaan on Hum TV
  • Roshan Sitara by Qurat ul Ain Baloch for Roshan Sitara on Hum TV
  • Yaar Ko Humne by  Abida Parveen for Shehr-e-Zaat on Hum TV
  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai by Ali Zafar for Zindagi Gulzar Hai

I think: Abida Parveen! No questions asked.


Model of the Year (Female)

  • Amna Ilyas
  • Ayyan
  • Cybil Chowdhry
  • Mehreen Syed
  • Rabia Butt

I think: Really on the edge here. I try not to talk about pretty women for obvious reasons.

Model of the Year (Male)

  • Abbas Jafri
  • Ather Amin
  • Jahan-e-Khalid
  • Shehzad Noor
  • Waleed Khalid

I think: Abbas Jafri (Jesus) all the way! There’s something mysterious about his face behind all that ummm hair.

Best Fashion Photographer

  • Azeem Sani
  • Fayyaz Ahmed
  • Guddu Shani
  • Maha Burney & Nadir Feroz Khan at NFK
  • Rizwan ul Haq

I think: Really cannot comment. They all look the same to my untrained near sighted eye.

Best Hair and Make-up Artist

  • Creative Team at Nabila
  • Creative Team at Tariq Amin
  • Juju Haider & Shammal Quraishi at Toni&Guy, Lahore
  • Maram Azmat & Abroo Hashmi
  • Raana Khan

I think: Any artist who knows the difference between beautiful and churail.. wins. I root for Juju Haider & Shammal Quraishi at Toni&Guy.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret

  • Shehla Chatoor
  • Iman Ahmed at Body Focus
  • Khadija Shah at Elan
  • Maheen Karim
  • Sania Maskatiya

Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret

  • Feeha Jamshed
  • Iman Ahmed at Body Focus
  • Sanam Chaudhry
  • Sania Maskatiya
  • Wardha Saleem

I think: Wardha Saleem deserves all the praise she can get.

Best Menswear Designer

  • Ahmed Bham
  • Amir Adnan
  • Ammar Belal
  • Ismail Farid
  • Republic by Omar Farooq

I think: What makes your man look good? Since I don’t have one.. I reserve judgment.

Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn

  • Khaadi by Khaadi
  • Mahnoush by Arjumand Amin
  • Orient by Deepak Perwani
  • Sana Safinaz by Sana Hashwani & Safinaz Muneer
  • Kamal Lawn by Elan

I think: Khaadi taught women of Pakistan how to wear color! Khaadi for the win!

Best Emerging Talent

  • Misha Lakhani (Women’s wear designer)
  • Abdullah Haris (Photography)
  • Natasha’s Salon (Hair & Make Up Artist)
  • Saima Azhar (Modeling)
  • Sana Sarfaraz (Modeling)

I think: Good luck to all.

Best High Street Brand

  • Adnan Pardesy for the Working Woman
  • Daaman
  • Gulabo
  • Khaadi
  • Rang Ja

I think: Already nominated Khaadi for the win. Therefore my personal favorite here is daaman. But I also have high hopes for Gulabo. This one will be a toughie!

Good luck to all nominees.

Press release courtesy Catalyst Pr.

Pakistan Fashion Week 2013


While the city is steeped in the greatest miseries of all time, from bomb blasts to target killing, I stepped into a completely different world this Tuesday, 9th April, when the Fashion Council hosted its 5th Fashion Pakistan Week.

House of Maheen opened up with a tribute to the birds on the endangered animals list. Her collection titled ‘flight’ featured her signature styled classic black pants with fancy headgear and feathers. Lots and lots of feathers. I absolutely loved the saris that were a part of her collection. Absolutely loved! But then I am a fool for saris.

Next up were Deepak and Fahad, taking inspiration for their collection from metallics. Bearing chains, metallic studs, the collection revolved around mellow browns and steel greys.

Showcasing at Fashion Week for the first time was Zari Faisal. Her ‘Plush’ collection drew inspiration from vintage oil paintings. Pinks, golds and beige were the main colors highlighted in it.

With lawn being such an integral part of the fashion scene in Pakistan, FPW 2013 also saw the emergency of textile mills such as Orient showcasing their lawn collection. Their spring summer collection of lawn made one wonder whether lawn has indeed taken over fashion or not?

Aamir Baig with his tribute to stripes took control of the ramp next. A rebel symbol of the 60s, stripes have steadily gained popularity. While the debate over ‘whether horizontal stripes make you look fat’ continues, Aamir Baig and his collection were perfectly suited to prisoners all over the world.

Mona Imran and her ‘Safari’ collection next came up, daring to use bold animal prints on icky shamoze silk. The fabric that incites fear into the hearts of every living soul in Karachi, when paired with animal prints left me petrified.

Ayesha Hassan’s SS’13 collection took inspiration from the art of Zillij mainly used in Moroccan architecture. Models wearing gorgeous ‘matha pathees’ paraded around wearing her collection. Warm colors like maroons and greens and blues were her main focus.

Possibly my favorite collection of the night was that of Ahsan Nazir. His global remix saw a fusion of global issues highlighted through different colors made for a very vibrantly hued collection.

Emraan Rajput came next with her ‘denimology’. The collection breezed by without really leaving a mark in my mind. What I do remember is the low crotch pants which I just cannot for the life of me understand. Why do they even exist?

Next Aamna Aqeel’s collection was showcased. Her collection reminded me of Michael Jackson and his ‘Thriller’ video. The idea behind it was the balance between Yin Yan and labeled ‘Finding Glory’.

Rizwanullah was once more MIA on Day 1. Therefore Faiza Saqlain came up. Her collection titled ‘Marvi’ was based on ethnic Sindhi culture, however almost instantly made the mind scream ‘Wardha Saleem already did this love.’ I did like the use of ethnic jewelry. She too opted for low crotch pants which like I said I just cannot understand.

To close day 1 Bani D showcased their ‘Seraiki meets western world’ collection. To start off, Bushra Ansari’s sister sang a song, which made several people leave their seats. Yes it was that bad. Jewelry by Artel and showstopper like always was Sania Saeed.

That was the end of Day 1. All clothes featured are now available by Labels e store here:

pictures courtesy

Fashion Pakistan Week – Day 2


So I may be a teensy bit little late with my review. But well things have been crazy. Case in point, day 2 of Fashion Pakistan Week.

Blogging is fast becoming a very rewarding interest. With events like fashion week reserving front row seats with great view for social media, what else can it be. Having designers like Sanum Chaudry, Arsalan and Yaseer and Zaheer Abbas showcasing their latest collection, it sure for a sight for sore eyes.

Sanum Chaudri kept the fun in funky alive with her bright, attractive designs. Taking inspiration from ‘Shibori’, a Japanese resist-dye technique, the collection called ‘Kage’ was classic Sanum Chaudhri.

Arsalan and Yahser with their leather clad male models certainly helped the atmosphere, especially for people (read women) like me. Their collection labelled Urban Slick revolved around the idea of leather being a very important part of a man’s wardrobe. We sure love our men in leather.

Showcasing quite a collection of dresses, cardigans and jeans, Debenhams enlightened us with the must haves of fall 2012.

Making a comeback with their fall collection sisters Aneeka and Salma Cheema’s Baani D displayed their ‘Desi Boho line. A mixture of western style with a hint of tradition the collection was fresh. Sania Saeed once more embracing their outfit to walk down the ramp certainly helped matters.

Zaheer Abbas took us back to the British era with white evening gowns accompanied by very chic hats. Feasting on the idea ‘white is always right’ the collection titled ‘Virgin with net and jute threads, certainly had the oomph factor surrounding it. Very Jane Austeny.

New comer Aamir Baig had some serious competition to beat. His ‘Black O Block’ collection featured block printing, dating back to the Indus Valley civilization.

Adnan Pardesi collection Axiomatic took the art of ‘ralli’ making and created fresh a modern look. Using hand crafted techniques like weaving etc, a wide array of colors found their way into his designs.

All in all Fashion Week Pakistan day 2 was a great day for fashion, without question. Enjoy the pictures.

Pictures courtesy Catalyst Pr.

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Fashion Pakistan Week – Day 1


With names like Sonya Battla and Warda Saleem in the running, Fashion Pakistan Week’s day 1 was enveloped with expectations.

Sonya Battla’s collection reinforced the answer to, why black is a fashionista’s best friend. Other designers tried to brighten up the room with their bold choices. Some hit the spot, others fell a little short.

Zahid Khan’s Kuki Concepts lived up to its name, being a little kooki and all. The colors were bold and vibrant; however there was just too much going on for some of the dresses.

Ayesha Hassan’s quirky designs, intricate embroidery and gota kaam by Nargis Hafeez, the gold palette by Maimoona H all had a remarkable impression.

Nargis Hafeez

Deepak and Fahad with the men’s collection provided the much needed eye candy to my sore eyes. Their jackets were trendy, the women’s wear was chic.

Deepak and Fahad

The best collection of the night without doubt went to Warda Saleem. After impressing everyone with her first showcasing during Fashion Pakistan Week in April, she once more stole our hearts with her bold and funky outfits. I particularly loved the shoes that had been altered to match the colorful dresses.

Ishtiaq Afzal Khan’s collection included browns, greens with just a little touch of pink. For the most part he managed to baffle everyone with his designs. However once we had seen a few we were able to better digest what he offered. Can’t wait for day 2.

Here’s is what you can expect to see:

1 Sanam Chaudry
2 Arsalan Yaseer
3 Debenhams
4 Bani D
5 Zaheer Abbas
6 Amir Baig
7 Nine West
8 Adnan Perdesi

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The start of Fashion Week 4


Fashion week is back. Showcasing a number of top designers, the stage has been set, featuring the very best in men’s and women’s wear in Pakistan. Starting from October 21st at Pearl Continental Karachi,

Here is what to expect from day 1

1 Sonya Battla
2 DNF (Men’s Wear)
3 Maimoona H
4 Ayesha Hassan
5 Kuki Concepts
6 Nargis Hafeez
7 Ishtiaq Afzal Khan
8 Warda Saleem

Warda Saleem

Ayesha Hassan

Now having personally witnessed the collections by Warda Saleem and KuKi Concepts in the last Fashion Week, I know for sure that these two will put up a great show. As for the rest, I will find out soon enough and make sure you all do too. For more live updates follow me on Twitter or join the Fashion Pakistan’s official Facebook Page. You can also join in the conversion using the hashtag #fpw!

See you all in three hours! Till then Arrivederci.