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Copter Hunting by Mountain Dew!


Mountain Dew has always been the drink preferred by thrill seekers across the globe. Until the adventurers don’t ‘Do the Dew’ their conquests are considered incomplete. And Mountain Dew sure likes to keep the seekers busy.

The latest in its long list of adventures is Copter Hunting. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. The hunting of copters! Mountain Dew is bringing a new opportunity for all the daredevils to satisfy their constant craving of adventure.

Since bike riding in Pakistan is already a very daring (read annoying) thing to do, Mountain Dew decided to take it up a notch. Ever since the teaser for the sport was released, crowds have shown massive interest in participating, with girls going as far as trying to learn how to ride a bike, just to be a part of this.

Not convinced? Watch the trailer below and see for yourself!


For more info visit the facebook page:


Music launch of Manto the Film



I doubt there exists any channel other than Geo that has earned the titles of ‘most hated’ and ‘most watched’ simultaneously. It has been banned, had its offices vandalized, reporters attacked, yet somehow it has always managed to stay strong. No, I am not getting paid to write this (I swear upon my books).  I did however attend Geo’s quarter launch and the music premier of Manto the Film, a biopic on the life of Saadat Hasan Manto. But more on that later.

First let me tell you all about the new drama serials that you guys soon won’t be able to avoid watching, namely ‘DilIshq’, ‘IshqaWaay’, ‘Dua’ and ‘Thora Sa Aasman. For this quarter these four serials will be aired on Geo Entertainment, and trust me when I say this, you can pretty much guess their stories from the trailers (before the music launch, we got our private screening). Almost all four revolve around marital problems people of subcontinent face, with glaring hints of extra marital affairs, the inability of a couple to breed, resulting in a second marriage, and the after effects of divorce that takes place during the heat of the moment (all my observations of course).

‘Dill Ishq’ stars the well known actor emmm Aslam (I am going to leap and say Baig?) and an actress with a round nose. They two appear happily married, but then enters a third, much younger woman, who I believe is also a part of the household (my observations told me she is the surrogate hired by the round nosed wife to help her hubby breed). Of course we are a God fearing nation, so the surrogate must be married to the hubby as well. Clippings of the drama show the surrogate expressing intense hatred for the hubby, however in the promo song, she’s seen dancing to him playing the piano (whaat?) Also the promo song has the guitarist trying to get his rock on in a very black desi shairwani (honey no!)

The other dramas are pretty much following the same theme, love marriage, enter the third wheel, Talaq to the power 3, you get the idea I believe.

And now the reason you are all really here. Manto the Film.

The film starring Sarmad Sultan Khoosat in the leading role, depicts the story of the writer, showcasing a particular time in his life which leads to his eventual downfall. Also in the film, playing Manto’s wife is the legendary Sania Saeed, and Saba Qamar as Madam Noor Jahan who is said to have had a tremendous influence on his life.


The story also focuses on Manto’s inspirations and thought process behind the various stories he penned down. These stories within the story feature Mahira Khan playing a role unlike any before, that of a juggler (Madari) and the second as a passenger on a train going from Lahore to Peshawar (Kya Hoga)


The film has music by Ali Sethi, “AahKoChahiye”, Javed Bashir’s “Kon Hai Yeh Gustakh” and a rendition of “Mehram Dilaan De Mahi, performed by MeeshaShafi.

The movie, to me is just what Pakistani cinema needs to cement its presence. The extremely artsy feel along with soulful music and brilliant acting definitely makes it worth watching! The Film is set to release on September 11th 2015.

The PR and event was being managed by Phegency PR & Events.

A few highlights:

Turkish Airlines Cargo – flying high.


So recently my mum and I were having a conversation about us relocating to another country. We were discussing the tensed situation of the country, and how a few relatives after receiving threats had opted to migrate in search of a safer homeland. And all through this sad exchange, the only thing I could think of was my books. As a proud book worm I own hundreds of books which are like my children. If God forbid we ever plan on moving, what will become of them? I have taken great care in growing my collection over the years, and there is no way I am leaving them behind (not that I would have to).

And merely weeks later, I learnt about Turkish Cargo, operating extensively across the globe, now setting up shop in Pakistan! In an event held on June 23rd, at Avari Towers, Karachi, Turkish Airlines Cargo, unveiled their plans about expanding operations in Pakistan and strengthening ties with the local community to which they credit being responsible for making them one of the local market leaders.

Through Turkish Airlines Cargo you can ship your belongings to family, friends and loved ones across the globes. I also learnt that they do live animal shipping. And I am pretty sure the animals would travel in conditions much better than those offered by some of our local ‘human’ airplanes.

So pack me up and ship me off! Ha!

At the event Mr. Ali Turk, Senior Vice President Cargo, who’s a dead ringer for Bilawal Bhutto (and also pulled off the Sindhi ajrak look impeccably) talked about how much the economy of Pakistan has flourished recently, encouraging them to develop stronger trade relations between Turkey and Pakisan.

Ali Turk in Sindhi attire.

See what I mean?

 “Pakistan’s economy is dynamic and growing aggressively. In fact we believe Pakistan will be amongst the top economies in the next 5 years! We understand that the trade relationship between Pakistan and Turkey is far behind its potential, which is why we are looking to double our investment in Islamabad and Lahore, and also plan on giving tough competition to local players by expanding our cargo operations in Pakistan”.

While he was saying all this, my friend, Umair and I were busy chatting with Mr. Fatih Atacan Temel, General Manager Turkish Airlines Cargo Pakistan, who took us on a virtual tour of the beautiful Turkey. The sights and sounds, the food, which he swears is much better than ours, and the overall coming together of different cultures, left us wanting to visit that very instant.

Bloggers in deep conversation with Turkish Airlines GM [South] Pakistan, Mr Fatih


Listening to him, I concluded that Turkey is the new Dubai. Log on to Instagram, and simply count how many celebrities have posted their selfies hanging out at Turkey’s one breathtaking locale or another.

The PR of this event was managed by Pitch Media Inc. Oh did I mention there was food? (My first iftaari out for Ramadan.)

After the iftaar, there was a lucky draw, through which people won tickets to Turkey! Before the event all attendees were asked to put in their business cards in a bowl. (The one time I change my purse and forget to put any in). The winners are very lucky indeed!

SVP Cargo at Turkish Airlines handing out a ticket to a lucky draw winner

See, an actual winner, we all know who to hate now!

P.S. I also got this cool model of Turkish Airlines Cargo, which I assembled myself!!!


Unblock your Inner Glow with Pond’s White Beauty


There comes a time in every woman’s life when she no longer is satisfied by the reflection staring back at her from the mirror. Finding flaws with a bit of everything, her reflection does not smile at her anymore. Her hair is too rough, her skin too dull, she may have been hosting some extra weight. Whatever the excuse, she cannot feel confident about herself.

But everything can be fixed. One step at a time. Starting with the face. The skin goes through a lot every day. It starts off by being roughly scrubbed to ensure last night’s makeup is all but a memory. Next, layers after layers of fresh makeup are put on. Then comes the exposure to sun, dust and pollution. This daily routine can get too much and leaves the skin lifeless, and can be the main reason she isn’t happy with how she looks!

She has been trying to get her Inner glow back. Listening to the elderly tell her of the household concoctions they used in their youth, she’s desperate to try anything. Little does she know, the answer is in front of her all along.

Pond’s White Beauty!

Pond’s has developed a revolutionary formula known as ‘GenWhite’ professionally designed for deep absorption. The formula goes deep inside your skin reaching the innermost layers and removes dark spots and circles even others don’t. As a result your skin feels fresh, clean and gets back the glow it once had.
Pond’s White Beauty’s Genwhite formula has been created using ingredients which brings a change in three key areas

  • Fairness: the pro vitamins help to reduce dark spots and lighten the skin.
  • Softness: the unique moisturizing properties help soothe the skin, repair wear and tear and help develop new cells which keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Sun damage: The triple Sun Screen protects against harmful UV rays of the sun.

So as you are well aware by now, the she in the story above is me. Like most women, I am not happy with the way I look. My skin isn’t what it used to be (yes, I am no longer young). Every time I look in the mirror I see fine lines and dark spots (thank you day job for the sun exposure) and yes I gasp, (every time).

I only recently began using Pond’s White Beauty. I love the soft creamy texture of the face wash most, as it doesn’t feel rough. After washing, my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry, but clean, like it has finally gotten a chance to breathe. (Yes, I apply a lot of makeup and no one knows what I really look like, Lord help me if I go missing).

The critic in me won’t go so far as to say that my skin has gotten back its glow. No, the face staring back at me still bears its flaws. But they have been reduced to a point where I no longer growl at my reflection, and even manage a smile once or twice. I did feel that the face wash opened up my pores, but I guess that is the way it cleans the skin from inside.

For more info about Pond’s White Beauty visit

Sceptical? I was too. Until I attended the event organized by Ponds. In the event, bloggers were introduced to Pond’s White Beauty’s GenWhite Technology and were encourage to unblock their Inner Glow.

             Rabia Abdullah, Assistant Brand Manager, Pond’s Pakistan, highlighted, “Good skin is not just about fair complexion but also about freshness and the glow. The GenWhite technology is part of our ongoing efforts to contribute towards Pakistani women looking good, feeling good and getting the most out of their lives.”

The bloggers, many of whom had used the product before the event was hosted, shared their experiences, before and after results, and I must say, it gave me a lot to think about. Pond’s is on a journey to make women everywhere reclaim their Inner Glow and feel comfortable in your skin. Maybe this little support is all we need to once more be happy and encourage others around us to feel confident about themselves too.

So take on the Pond’s Inner Glow Challenge and pass it on to other beautiful women around you!

Fika on the Roof


If you have lived in Karachi for some time, you will probably be well aware of the pleasant Karachi evenings. The days can be as hot as the deepest pit of hell, but come evening and a cool breeze makes life slightly bearable.

The cool breeze certainly makes Karachi evenings more enjoyable. However amidst the silent rustling of the wind, another, much louder undisputed champion of the night exists, the public transport system. Making their presence known from miles away, the buses and rickshaws, not only tug at your ears, but their brightly coloured fluorescent appearance can put even a rainbow to shame.

And adding the finishing touches to its magical allure, the local, street food of the city promises diners a taste they cannot have enough of.

All the three elements of the city, while individually make living in Karachi truly unique, together they beget an experience that is incredibly difficult to express in mere words. And if you are looking for one such experience, I recommend you pay a visit to the recently opened ‘Fika on the Roof’ cafe!

By recently I mean nearly a month ago, but already having a staunch of foodies lining up to try out the various different items on the menu that make it stand out from the rest. Located on the rooftop (yes that’s how it got its name, surely) while you do not get to witness the gorgeous overview of Karachi, you do get to enjoy the lovely cool breeze I mentioned above, sitting comfortably on replicas of seats one finds in buses and rickshaws of the city. That’s two out of three and we aren’t even done yet!


The funky decor has been designed Muhammad Zeeshan and depicts the best of Karachi’s truck art. The artwork on the walls, furnishing, even the sign on the door of the loo all set the mood for the best part – the food.

IMG_5215 IMG_5259 IMG_5208

Ask any Pakistani what goes best with a bowl of good old chicken corn soup and without a flicker of hesitation they will say ‘Slims’ (chilli potato chips). While unheard of at restaurants, this is a very popular way of eating soup in almost every household. So imagine my delight when a friend at my table ordered the soup for starters, and it came served with a generous helping of Slims! Don’t believe me, see this!


I had the Mezze platter which served with Pita bread was enough for three people!  The platter included Hummus, Mutabbel, Babaghaoush, Labneh and tomato chutney. In a little need of seasoning, the platter otherwise made me hungrier for the next course.


For my main I ordered Mexican Pan-fried Fish. From the moment my order was served till the last bite, I never stopped once to think in how many ways this little piece of heaven was completely annihilating my entire diet plan. The pan fried fillet resting on a bed of chipotle salsa carried the perfect balance of flavours, a juicy bite of fish, getting some heat from the salsa underneath. The only thing that bothered me about it was, dare I say, too much cheese (May the Lord of cheese smite me!)


The menu offered at Fika on the Roof has a number of dishes that you only get to enjoy on small roadside cafes called ‘dhabas’ like ‘Anda Paratha’ with all the ‘lachaas’ that pathans boost. My one true wish was  to try the Kulfi Gelato, unfortunately they weren’t serving it that day, so I settled for ‘Gulabo’ a combination of gelato with none other than our very own Gulab Jamun. What’s not to love?


Well that’s enough about my experience. If you haven’t yet visited the place, you have no idea what you are missing. A big thank you to Abid Merchant, the owner and Moiz Kazmi, the awesome social media guy for inviting me and gaining the sole pleasure of hosting the very grumpy me.

IMG_5349 IMG_5402 IMG_5426 IMG_5424

Pictures courtesy:  Muhammad Ismail.

Breakfast at Cosmopolitan


So I know I have been MIA for some time now and I also know you don’t really care. But the review I am about to share with you, ought to make up for the time lost.

So every Saturday evening you promise to make the most of your weekend. You tell yourself you will stay up late to watch both the movies you have been planning to for a while now, or catch up on your favourite shows, and then wake up early to try out breakfast at some new cafe. However plans are meant to be spoilt. The minute you make one, you feel the beginning of the worst migraine in history, only to sleep before 10 (yeesh) and then wake up after 1(boo) on Sunday to eat whatever mom puts in front of you.

Yeah that’s my average weekend. But last week I was blessed with an above average one, and so I happened to stop by the well talked about new cafe Cosmopolitan for breakfast.


The menu set for that fine morning boasted of famous dishes from around the world. If you ever wondered what your Parisian or Spanish counterpart wakes up to every morning, here’s your answer! Items such as The Spaniard, The Parisian, The New Yorker and Normandy were just some of the choices.

I opted for The New Yorker, (because why not), and French Toast (because why the heck not??) My friend ordered Normandy and the Ferrero Rocher Pancakes.

While the food was being prepared, I took a quick look around. Cosmopolitan is a cozy little cafe where you can hang out any day of the week. Whether your company involves a party or rowdy, overbearing people or an interesting little book, I am sure the very comfy decor will make you feel right at home.




Back to the food. Sigh. The New Yorker was a combination of Steak and Fried Eggs, sausages and Potato Hash. The steaks were well done, just the way I asked them to be and were well seasoned. Now I have watched enough MasterChef to be fully aware of how the yolks of fried eggs are supposed to break open and well, inundate the steaks (eep). The yolks on my plate were definitely a bit overdone which in my case was a good thing because the last thing I want is yolk all over my food. Them being overdone let me eat the whites around them with ease and just leave the yellow part (because yikes .. yolk breath!) The dollops of sauce provided a good balance to the dish overall. However the Potato Hash accompanying the steak and eggs really needed more time in the pan and some less oil. They left a greasy raw after taste in my mouth which is of course a big no no.


Once done with the savouries, I quietly waited for the sweets. While the Ferrero Rocher pancakes were brought about fairly quickly, I had to wait quite some time for my French Toast. So I took this time to indulge in those pancakes, which to be honest were the highlight of the entire breakfast menu. Light and fluffy pancakes, fully fully drenched in thick, creamy chocolate, straight out of every girl’s chocolate fantasy. Even though I had not ordered them, I could not resist stuffing my face with numerous bites, until the person who had ordered them, began giving me those polite ‘lay off woman’ looks.

Picture courtesy Farwa B Naqvi (Cause look at it!)

Picture courtesy Farwa B Naqvi (Cause look at it!)

And finally after forever I was served with the French Toast. Wow what a letdown. A spongy tough piece of bread sitting atop some fairly tasteless Vanilla Creme Anglaise with some equally bland whipped cream. I for one am not too fond of overly sweet desserts, but this particular dish made me wish I had ordered something else. Two bites in, I begged everyone sitting with me to try it out (never a good sign).


While my experience was lukewarm at best, I was promised a much extensive breakfast menu (with pepperoni and mushroom omelettes among them) by the very gracious owner that will be launched very soon, so I am definitely going back again.



At the Karachi Eat Festival, I stopped by Cosmopolitan stall and got some chicken strips for my sister’s kids I brought with me and chicken and mushroom crepes for myself. Long story short, we loved both items, so there’s one more reason to definitely go back to try more things.
All in all, Cosmopolitan Cafe is a must try.


Barista Lavazza – Now open in Karachi!



So coffee lovers across K-Town (yes, it sounded just as terrible in my brain too) rejoiced upon hearing that Barista Lavazza Cafe has now opened its doors to all in Dolmen Mall Clifton.

The Italian chain of Espresso bars promises to provide a warm and comfy environment to all coffee drinkers who wish to fill up on caffeine in peace away from the noisiness that Karachi is synonymous with.

I had a Latte, though a bit milky for my taste (I like my coffee black) it was actually quite good. Nit picky as I am, that is saying something.


From the numerous amuse-bouches being offered, from teeny burgers to cheesy pizzas, I opted for a smoked salmon tid bit and some tender chicken chickens (yes my life is sad). Oh and for dessert I spooned (giggles) one friend’s Cheesecake (which was ok) another friend’s Chocolate Fudge Cake (which was hmm), and yet a third friend’s Dark Chocolate Flourless cake which was the best of the lot!


Barista is owned by Lavazza, Italy’s largest coffee company. Besides Pakistan, Barista Lavazza also has cafes in locations across India,Sri Lanka, Oman and the UAE.

For more details, visit their Facebook page:

The event was organised by (Anisa & Amina R Khan ) of RAKA and the event PR by Golin & Harris

Pictures Courtesy Aysha Saleem