Turkish Airlines Cargo – flying high.

So recently my mum and I were having a conversation about us relocating to another country. We were discussing the tensed situation of the country, and how a few relatives after receiving threats had opted to migrate in search of a safer homeland. And all through this sad exchange, the only thing I could think of was my books. As a proud book worm I own hundreds of books which are like my children. If God forbid we ever plan on moving, what will become of them? I have taken great care in growing my collection over the years, and there is no way I am leaving them behind (not that I would have to).

And merely weeks later, I learnt about Turkish Cargo, operating extensively across the globe, now setting up shop in Pakistan! In an event held on June 23rd, at Avari Towers, Karachi, Turkish Airlines Cargo, unveiled their plans about expanding operations in Pakistan and strengthening ties with the local community to which they credit being responsible for making them one of the local market leaders.

Through Turkish Airlines Cargo you can ship your belongings to family, friends and loved ones across the globes. I also learnt that they do live animal shipping. And I am pretty sure the animals would travel in conditions much better than those offered by some of our local ‘human’ airplanes.

So pack me up and ship me off! Ha!

At the event Mr. Ali Turk, Senior Vice President Cargo, who’s a dead ringer for Bilawal Bhutto (and also pulled off the Sindhi ajrak look impeccably) talked about how much the economy of Pakistan has flourished recently, encouraging them to develop stronger trade relations between Turkey and Pakisan.

Ali Turk in Sindhi attire.
See what I mean?

 “Pakistan’s economy is dynamic and growing aggressively. In fact we believe Pakistan will be amongst the top economies in the next 5 years! We understand that the trade relationship between Pakistan and Turkey is far behind its potential, which is why we are looking to double our investment in Islamabad and Lahore, and also plan on giving tough competition to local players by expanding our cargo operations in Pakistan”.

While he was saying all this, my friend, Umair and I were busy chatting with Mr. Fatih Atacan Temel, General Manager Turkish Airlines Cargo Pakistan, who took us on a virtual tour of the beautiful Turkey. The sights and sounds, the food, which he swears is much better than ours, and the overall coming together of different cultures, left us wanting to visit that very instant.

Bloggers in deep conversation with Turkish Airlines GM [South] Pakistan, Mr Fatih
Listening to him, I concluded that Turkey is the new Dubai. Log on to Instagram, and simply count how many celebrities have posted their selfies hanging out at Turkey’s one breathtaking locale or another.

The PR of this event was managed by Pitch Media Inc. Oh did I mention there was food? (My first iftaari out for Ramadan.)

After the iftaar, there was a lucky draw, through which people won tickets to Turkey! Before the event all attendees were asked to put in their business cards in a bowl. (The one time I change my purse and forget to put any in). The winners are very lucky indeed!

SVP Cargo at Turkish Airlines handing out a ticket to a lucky draw winner
See, an actual winner, we all know who to hate now!

P.S. I also got this cool model of Turkish Airlines Cargo, which I assembled myself!!!


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