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Interwood – Signature Kitchens, Workstations and Wardrobes!


So a couple of years ago, my brother decided it was high time he got married. The entire family pulled in all stops to give him a super cool wedding. And of course the entire house got broken down to be remodeled again. After a month of sleeping in any place that was flat enough to be laid our rooms were ready and it was time to redo the kitchen. It took another few weeks of ordering food (and that is precisely when I ballooned to triple my God intended size) and finally our kitchen was ready.

The final version, while better than the former one, was certainly not what we wanted. The carpenter was a buffoon who didn’t know what he was doing, and also disappeared for a while, prompting us to call in another one. The corner dedicated to the fridge turned out smaller than the fridge itself and had to be broken corner again, the marble slabs were horribly mutilated. So here I am today, writing this blog in the hopes that no one else has to go through what my family did.

If someone in your family out of the blue decides to get married too, or you are just tired of the same old kitchen, ALWAYS take help from professionals. Going commando will only leave you with erm, plenty of heart break (let’s go with that).

Lucky for you Interwood has recently launched its new line of Signature Kitchens along with Wardrobes and Smart Workstations for those lucky people who work from home. Designed by the acclaimed Italian architect Alfredio Zengiaro, the different models have brought out the best in terms of design and manufacturing. So now, you will actually look forward to going in the kitchen and making your food, instead of hoping it magically appears in front of you. There are around 15 different models of kitchens so you can choose the one that best reflects your style and décor.

The Smart Workstation range by Interwood has been designed for small office spaces and this beautifully finished, contemporary range is available in a variety of colors, ideal for small and medium sized offices across Pakistan.

Interwood also introduces Raumplus, a wardrobe system designed by a German company by the same name, perfect for the walk-in closet, built-in closet and corners.

Interwood Signature Kitchen and Smart Workstations range is now available in Interwood stores across Pakistan, with prices starting from PKR: 38367.

About Interwood:

Established in 1974, Interwood Mobel (Pvt) Ltd has progressively become the leading furniture manufacturer in Pakistan. Building on its mission of manufacturing high quality, innovative products at affordable prices, Interwood believes that true value of its furniture lies in the sense of comfort, touch of romance and possibility of self-expression it provides. At Interwood, we aspire to a finer living for you, whether you are at home or in the office.


Celebrating Pakistan’s love for tea! (Guest Blog)


by Fatima Naqvi.

Every nation has its own charm, something that brings people together and makes them one. One could think of a thousand things that serve as a unifying factor for Pakistanis, such as, our passion for cricket or our ability to rise above any crisis that we are faced with. Although these are true, but one single factor that brings Pakistanis together is our undying devotion to tea (chai).  In fact, it would not be an understatement to say that most Pakistanis would readily pay for a cup of tea with their souls if cash ran out. As much as it is our weakness, it is also our strength.


Chai is synonymous with all things wonderful, the warmth of home, the love of family, the laughter one shares with friends, and of course the lifesaving cup of chai that gets one through work on Mondays.   For a Pakistani, chai is the first thing we think about once we wake up. Some prefer it strong, others prefer a light milky flavour, but everyone needs it!

So what makes it such a national favourite? The truth is that chai is a part of our origin and history. Our love for chai goes back to the time when Pakistan was created. Families have passed on their authentic and unique methods of brewing the mix the right way; some mix the milk and tea, some leave them separated and others just use tea bags, but wherever one goes across Pakistan they would definitely meet a friendly face over a cup of hot tea.

Everyone remembers getting together at the neighborhood’s favourite Quetta Hotel for doodh patti and as if by magic, cups would line up as the circles around the tables grew bigger and the laughter grew louder. The cups of tea would accompany hot parathas, especially when we talk about hotels in Nathiagali Pakistan, their welcome aroma wafting through the crowded café. The life of a metropolis does not let anyone complete their days without a hot and holy cup of tea. When driving home from work sons and daughters would await the one simmering in their mothers’ tea pot ready to remove the stress of a tough day in the stroke of a single sip. Nobody ever takes just one.

The fine art of making chai has been learnt by our Pakhtun brothers. Almost all Pakistani’s will say that they have never had chai like the one they tasted at a Pathan hotel; people swear by their chai they make and how the extra cinnamon makes the experience simply divine. It is also interesting to note that the different regions of the country have their own unique chai styles. For example, Kashmiri chai, which is pink in color, is a popular choice and often served at winter weddings. The warm aroma of Kashmiri chai is an excellent reason to visit the country, along with the breathtaking views.


I can safely say we are chai people. The offer of tea is a mark of hospitality and the national slogan for guests is, ‘Chai lenge ya thanda (Do you want tea or a drink?).’ We might not realize the extent to which chai has a role in our lives, but it is only after we sit down to wonder that we would realize just how different and boring life would have been had we been missing a hot cup of chai.

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