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My 13 day diet – Final Chapter


Oh my God! It’s over! The torture is finally over. I wanted to blog on the last day as well, but WordPress got banned for  day in my country. Fun. Anyway, Sunday was the 13th day of my diet and I successfully managed to pull through. Woke up Monday to a big breakfast of Halwa Puri (I don’t know how to translate that). Then yes, had a box full of chocolate chip cookies … and my evening I was all ready to throw up (and I did).

Today however, even the thought of food is making me slightly nauseous, especially things with sugar. I was looking for pictures of chocolate for work (yes, I work) and all the time I spent looking at those gooey melty chocolate images, all I could think of was Good God the sugar will kill me.

OMG, It's so rich I'm going to dieeeee!

OMG, It’s so rich I’m going to dieeeee!

So I guess that is one good thing about the diet. Not only has the diet killed off my cravings (after a box full of cookies) it makes me look at all oily, full of calories, food in absolute terror.

The main concern I now have is to keep off all the weight I lost, and yes I lost weight. Not as much as I wanted to but still enough to make me giddy and fit into my old jeans!

So this chapter of my life is done with! I will be back with reviews of food and restaurants soon enough, and hopefully will keep trying to lose weight and share the stories with you all!

Thanks for all the love and support! Love you all!!


My 13 day diet – Entry 8


11:30 am: The countdown has begun (well I was counting down from the day I started). So I have completed 11 days of this torturous diet, cheating not even once, even though temptations came from every corner. And frankly now this thing needs to be over. I am tired of letting all that delicious food down. Food that looks at me with those gorgeous colors and asks me to give it a warm comforting home in my tummy. 2 days might as well be 20! But anyway, breakfast is done. Lunch is a few hours away (cottage cheese and carrots) and the dinner and then day 11 will be over too! Till then..

If Only

If Only

4:30 pm: Lunch was good. As before I grilled the cubes of cottage cheese and steamed a carrot. The bread I have from breakfast, multigrain bread with bits of herbs is the only meal I have actually looked forward to on this diet. So far I have lost around 4000 grams. Yes, you guys can convert kgs to pounds, I will convert them to grams. That helps my case and sounds pretty impressive too. I fear my state when this diet will be over. I have already made a mental note of all the things I will eat after the diet, I just hope I don’t gain back all those 4000 grams. That is going to be worse than 4kgs!! Lord help me.


Dinner tonight will be a bowl of fruits (one apple) and yogurt. Yay me!



My 13 day diet – entry 7


12;00 pm: Yes, I know I was MIA for two days. And no, I did not give up. I have come to realize this journal has started resembling a post apocalyptic diary where I note down the days that I have survived, before I eat my own brains. These last two days I have been questioning why I started this journey willingly. The person I was dieting with, backed out too and the urge to have a chocolate chip has been filling my mind with blasphemous thoughts.

Too high.

Too high.

Anyhoo, day 7 allowed me no coffee even, and therefore I spent the day, lying in wait to bite someone’s head off. Fortunately nobody gave me the opportunity and by lunch I had an apple which sort of calmed me down. Dinner for day 7 told me I could have anything … with a catch. Anything meant from the diet plan. Those cookies have to wait sigh. So I made spinach puree and grilled some cottage cheese. Yep made my own low fat oil free version of Palak Paneer. And man was it good. I sensed true happiness in a very long time. So today is Day 9. I had a very strong moment of weakness last night when my brother ordered a burger and fries.. but thankfully I was able to pass through it unhinged.

My lunch today is baked beef kebabs and green salad which is a cucumber and green beans. And yes, I perfectly managed to char the kebabs, as I left them in the oven for too long and forgot about them until I smelt the burn. I keep telling myself they aren’t burned but crispy, a tactic my dad uses on me, when he cooks me breakfast and manages to burn both the toast and the omelette. And it works. Everytime. And since it is day 9 I’ll shut up and eat every bite. 4 more days to go! More later.

10:00 pm: Well lunch wasn’t bad. I quite enjoyed the cripsy bakef kebabs.  For dinner I made a poor man’s chicken curry with one onion, a few cloves of garlic and one green chilli as the gravy, used no oil, just water and lots of prayers that it would turn out ok. It did. I did battle a number of cravings after dinner though.  The box full of Baklavas is still lying on the dining room table. I picked it up opened it … took a big big whiff and puy it back! Honestly! There were nunerous times today when I wanted to give up. Even now I want to give up. But I have so far.. these 9 days would be for nothing then! And tomorrow is day 10!! Just three more days to go! I can’t wait for monday! See ya all tomorrow.

My 13 day diet – entry 6


11;00 am: So yeah I did not put up an entry of day 5. That doesn’t mean I have fallen off the horse. It simply means the effects of the diet are kicking in, namely mood swings and  the urge to pull out my hair and burst into tears (hormones suck!) Oh you guys I lost some weight!! And no it wasn’t my mother who told me so, it was my weighing machine set on the correct reading in case you were wondering. Yesterday was an ok day! A relative came to visit and brought over baklavas damn him! It took everything in me to stop myself from looking at those delicious pieces of absolute crap (I thought if I look down upon them, I wouldn’t want them so much).

photo (2)

Relatives were born in hell, and that is where they shall return!

Breakfast yesterday was a piece of carrot and coffee. While today I was allowed toast too. Just stuffed my face with some. Feeling kinda whoozy today, light headed and bumped thrice into nearby objects. Since i have been through this hell before, I know the above mentioned symptoms would hit soon enough, however last time they hit around day 7, this time they are early. Oh well. 6 down and emmm wait I forgot how to count … oh yeah 7 left. God help me. More later.

6:00 pm: lunch yesterday was some grilled chicken and tomatoes. As it turns out, I was out of tomatoes, so I asked a co-worker to bring me one. Not one of my proudest moments. Touch, it was more grilled chicken. I am beginning to crave things I never ate before when they were put in front of me, like stew and other kinds of hotch potch mum makes. What do I do to kill those cravings? I smell and sniff. I go to my mother when she’s eating and take a big whiff of her plate. By this point she has given up all hope for me. The dizzy spells continue. Though I am not sure why. It’s not like I am starving. I am just eating healthy… sigh. Dinner will be carrots and boiled eggs and I am certainly not looking forward to that. At least I am closing in on the end date. Promised myself a big juicy burger once this is over. I am extremely proud of coming this far without cheating once so  yay me!!

10:00 pm: So the carrot and eggs were just as terrible as they sounded. I don’t know why i got the wise idea to shred the carrot and egg whites and mix them.,, I should have just eaten them one at a time and be done with it. But no, I had to be all civilised about it. Shredded both then mixed, added salt and pepper. Took one bite and realized I put in too much salt, so I poured water and strained the emmm goop. Took another bite.. awful. Put in some more salt and pepper and a few drops of soya sauce. Then started watching an episode of Marco Polo, hoping the show would distract me from the … sadness I was putting in my mouth. It did. Now I am relaxing with a big cup of green Tea!

One full week tomorrow!!!

My 13 day diet – entry 5


10;30 am: So I dreamt of Snickers chocolate last night. Wasn’t a pizza sure, but close enough. And yes, it was a dream. I dreamt I was carefully devouring a big bar of snickers and half (maybe more than half) way through it I realized I was on a diet and couldn’t eat anything other than what the plan told me. I told myself, well, even a Roza (fast) is valid if you eat or drink something accidentally, the diet will be too and went on munching. Yes, it was a dream thank God. My poor woman’s breakfast consisted of two multigrained toasts and my old friend… black coffee.

If only life was that simple!

If only life was that simple!

2: 45 pm: So lunch today is something I have been looking forward to ummm all four days of the diet. Carrots and cottage cheese! You read that right. I was allowed half a block of low fat cottage cheese, which I grilled a little on a non stick pan and steamed the carrot. It was filling. You know what my co-workers had? Pizza! from Dominoes, which was on a 50% discount from My life gets sadder and sadder. Oh and one co-worker gave the treat, of the said pizza. It was pepperoni! Excuse me while I go curse someone! More on dinner later.

  10:30pm; Dinner got a little late. The plan politely asked me to consume some fruit and yogurt. While I had fruits no yogurt was to be found. I suggested mum to make some with fresh milk and she looked at me like I had gone mad already. Dad came to the rescue and brought me some, from which I took 2 tablespoons (yeah dad gave me that look too). I was allowed half a cup but eep who can eat that much plain yogurt. So I chopped an apple and an orange, sprinkled on some salt and pepper and poured my two tablespoons of plain yogurt. The meal wasn’t as bad as it sounds. It was like having flavoured yogurt without the tons of sugar and you know the taste.

Aaaah so ready for day 5.

My 13 day diet – entry 4


11;00 am: Couldn’t sleep well last night, so woke up extremely groggy. Had to rush to work too, so to stay awake, had two cups of coffee at home, and 2 pieces of toast. Came to work, and God bless him, the kitchen guy gave me yet one more cup. I could be jumping up and down right now, but my lazy cells outweigh the caffeine molecules. I am just waiting for this caffeine high to crash, we all know that’s going to happen very soon, and oh boy it’s not going to end well.


It's a wonder what things three cups of dark roasted coffee will make think about..

It’s a wonder what things three cups of dark roasted coffee will make think about..

3:50 pm: My lunch today consists of a cup of green beans and tomatoes with two boiled eggs. So surprise surprise I don’t feel very hungry today (That’s a first in a very long time). Adding to the coffee is 3 glasses of water (didn’t I mention I need to have a minimum of 8 glasses everyday) and the office guy just gave me some green tea. So I can feel waves ebbing and flowing inside me every time I move. Not a very pleasant visual I know. Bear with me. I have until 6 to finish my poor lunch. God give me strength. More later.


The struggle is too real.

The struggle is too real.

5: 20 pm: So forced myself to devour one the unborn, boiled and peeled.. eggs (don’t get any ideas I am not at the murderous stage yet, it has only been 3 days…. sob). The green beans weren’t so bad. I think i have grown rather fond on them. Steam em’ up for a few minutes and sprinkle on some salt and paprika and they don’t taste half as bad as I expected. I have already decided what I will have for dinner later tonight. Yay me!

8: 40 pm: I am allowed chicken and a green salad, so I boiled a few pieces and shred it, tossed in some spinach, cabbage and some more green beans. The green beans were a bad idea. Too much in the same day made me grow weary of them already, just as I was starting to like the damn things. The caffeine crash is yet to kick in, maybe I’ll sleep and avoid the fiasco altogether. Let’s hope I dream of Pizza!

So ready for Day 4!

My 13 day diet – entry 3


9:30 am; So I woke up to the news that the condition in the city was not too favorable to go to work. Yes, it happens more often that you would think. So I rejoiced a little and went back to sleep for half an hour. at 10, I finally got up, more for the breakfast I was promised by the meal plan than anything else. I could chomp down as many slices of wheat/multigrain bread as I wanted along with coffee and some margarine. It’s like being in a candyshop where wheat is the new sugar (so sad my life has become). Anyway I had two slices of this gorgeous multigrain bread that I bought from a nearby bakery. It really made up the getting out of bed worthwhile. Now, I sit back and wait for it to be lunch time. Yum Yum Yum!

photo (1)

Breakfast with myself!

 4;30 pm: When you spend an entire day at home, by law you must spend it all my destroying whatever you can find in the kitchen (yes, I mean food). So imagine the pain this particular strike day caused me. One hour after breakfast, I was hungry again (That’s a new personal record btw). I shut myself in my room with some green tea and watched the latest episode of Brooklyn 99. By 2pm I decided it was safe for me to have lunch. My lunch plan today allowed me some protein along with a green salad (cucumber and lettuce it said) Lettuce I didn’t have. So i steamed some green beans and spinach along with a few cabbage leaves. The protein for me for minced chicken grinded with some green chillies, an onion and a few cloves of garlic (if they can ward of a vampire, maybe they can help me too).

Questions I ask myself.

Questions I ask myself.

9;00 pm: Two whole days of dieting and I am still not thin yet ( I know I am as surprised as you all). My relatives (the ones I actually like) showed up around dinner today. Mom made chicken karhai. It took every atom within to keep myself from sampling some. Dinner again was more chicken and only chicken so I grilled some kebabs again. Since no oil is to be used, it is wise to use a nonstick, otherwise the goop will become something even your cat won’t eat.

So ready for day 3!