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Another nail in the coffin.


Ever since I joined the social networking site Twitter, in July 2011, my whole world has turned upside down. In a good way. Where previously I had to keep my dark humour mostly to myself, I now get to share it with the world… or at-least the 700+ people who for God knows what reason follow me on the site.

A friend introduced me to the site saying ‘it’s tons of fun’ and I asked her the same question I now dread hearing from other people, ‘What does one do on Twitter’. The question as I have learned in almost a year is, everything.

Once I got hooked on to the site there was no stopping me. Connecting with other social castoffs, sharing experiences the world was instantly a better place. Soon twitter was doing things for me that people can’t even do for themselves… like find me a job. Yep. You heard right.

Twitter is a world of endless possibilities. I have ‘talked’ and not just ‘stalked’ many of the well known people in the Pakistani media, who have been very encouraging. Very recently I was one of the six people covering Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 solely for Twitter. Social media is a powerful thing indeed.

Courtesy KarachiTips

But today, the world I built for myself high up in the skies came crashing down with two texts from my fellow tweeples… ‘Twitter is blocked in Pakistan’ they said. Removing sleep from my eyes like nothing ever did, these text shook me to the core. I jumped out of bed and logged on to find Twitter inaccessible.

What followed was a wail of ‘NOs’ and ‘How could they’. But soon I discovered, like everything in Pakistan, this ban had a flaw too. I logged on to a twitter client that I used and managed to tweet like usual. Once there I saw many of the tweeples I follow had already beaten me to the punch. Some were using Twitter for mobile, others had set up proxies. Furthermore they were helping others how to find the loophole as well. The funny bit was that, very few actually knew what the cause behind this ban was. Something to do with blasphemy perhaps? I usually get most of my news from Twitter, so I am kind of in a rut here.

The bottom line, bans like these never work. There was a similar ban on facebook once. Nothing happened. Then came the infamous ban on certain words over the sms. Boy did my vocabulary increased that day. And now this. Seems like the only thing Pakistani government is capable of doing is imposing bans on everything the people can do. Ban on pillion riding, cng stations for selling cng on Saturdays. Ban on malls after 8 o’clock. Instead of finding solutions for things we cannot do, we put restrictions on things we can do. We just love to make a fool out of ourselves. These bans never really accomplish anything. They just help us, the awam find new ways of breaking the so called rules.

We as a nation are screwed. Enough writing, back to tweeting like a rebel! Ciao.


Be an Etihad Guest!


There are some people who love to travel. And there are some people others wish would travel. I luckily fall in both categories.

The world being full of beautiful places to visit, breathtaking sites to see, nobody can claim to live a full life without seeing it in all its majesty.

If you are a globetrotter, and wish to travel in style, you are in for a surprise. Visiting new places is a thrilling adventure. However the actual travelling part kills the joy. One has to suffer horribly bland food, screaming babies kicking your seats and above all the jetlag! But nothing matters once you touch concrete right? Wrong. If travelling drains you of all your energy what are you left with for the more important things? Zilch, nothing, nada!

Fear not, Etihad airways is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Already the world’s leading award winner for 2011, Etihad airways continues striving to make the travelling bit of you globetrotters for business and pleasure, as comfortable as possible. And not just that, Etihad awards you with its exclusive guest points for doing what you love immensely. (Travelling in case I got too vague).

The Etihad Guest loyalty programme now in partnership with Avari Hotel International makes sure that you don’t just fly in comfort, but spend every hour having the time of your life! Etihad guests choosing to stay at Avari earn 1 mile for every USD that they spend. Furthermore they can enjoy innumerable facilities reserved for them under the agreement.

Pakistan is rapidly becoming one of the top ten countries Etihad airways cater to, running 23 flights per week from Abu Dhabi to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.

I recently visited the Etihad properties in Avari Hotels Karachi, and let me tell you I was rendered speechless. Doing the talking for me are these pictures below.  See for yourself what exactly you can expect if you choose to fly Etihad and be an esteemed guest at their Avari property.

One of the luxurious rooms exclusively for you women of the hour! With an all female staff looking after their every needs, women can comfortably lay back in between their excursions. No man can ruin this for you!

While you relax, check out the amazing view from the rooms! Not enough stamina to venture out? Just sit back at enjoy the skyline of this amazing city that never sleeps! I strongly advise no jumping into the pool no matter how refreshing it looks from up here. We’ll get to it in just a bit.

The Asia Live dinning area where you can treat yourself to exotic food hot off the oven. It is open 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to pay a visit if those pesky midnight cravings bother you.

Ahhh the pool. Knock yourselves out. Excluded from the world between shady green trees, the pool will provide you the much needed relief from the sweltering heat of Karachi.

The fully equipped Gym where you can burn off those calories you picked up at the Asia Live dinning area. The food being irresistible, you can fill up to your heart’s content and simply work off here.

After a tiring day, pay a visit to the spa! Waiting to refresh you is this Jacuzzi. Take dip, and let your worries bubble away.

And if the Jacuzzi doesn’t do the trick, have a massage to calm down those frenzied nerves of yours. Forget meetings, schedules, live in the moment.

Have to meet someone? Head down to the Cinnamon Lounge! Treat yourself to a cup of coffee, or a Cinnamon iced tea (my recommendation) to get an instant boost of energy.

The Cinnamon Iced tea is a must try!

Do you still need more convincing? How’s this? Guests who fly Etihad and stay at Avari in UAE or Pakistan before June 30th earn double guest miles. So get packing!