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My Ramadan MadeEasy with National Foods



So a good fortnight has passed since Ramadan began. And while I promised myself, this year, I would stay away from food that makes me happy, and stick to a diet, I failed (so far anyway).

Ever since Ramadan began, I found myself stuffing myself with all kinds of delicious food I could find. And while it is slightly difficult for me to list down everything I have had (Thank God) here are the top 5!

  1. Biryani

Ok, I can cook yes, but managing a biryani on my own …. not really no. This thing of beauty was prepared all the way by my mum and therefore was safe to consume. Her secret? The Biryani masala by National Foods.

2. Pita Bread Pizza

So the next thing on this list, I made myself, and yes, I survived. In the mood to have something delicious yet effortless, I searched online and came across this easy to make paratha pizza on madeeasy.com. Not being a fan of parathas, I swapped them for a Pita Bread, and lo and behold.

3. Watermelon and Peach Sorbet

So after the success of my Pita Bread Pizza, I wasn’t letting anything stop me from taking another bold step and this time with my own recipe attempt to make a sorbet! Yep, I dared. Using the Peach flavored Fruitily and fresh watermelon, I made this highly refreshing sorbet.

4. Lasagna

My love for Lasagna cannot be explained. It is perhaps the one thing I know I can make well. I have had other people eat it and say so too. My own recipe takes a lot of time and dedication on my part, and having none in Ramadan, I went for the easier version found on Madeeasy.com and made this. The picture isn’t too great, but trust me it was.


5. Peri Bites

My love for green chilies is very new. But since it has developed, I enjoy having the sharpness in my otherwise bland food. I am a fan of the peri bites and chili poppers many fast food cafes serve, and so when mum made these scrumptious things at home, I went insane. Yes, she surfs the internet too! Find the recipe here: Madeeasy.com


You can find plenty more easy recipes simply by visiting https://www.madeeasy.com.pk/. Do let me know which recipe you tried!



(DIY) Do it yourself Cucumber Smoothie


If told me in January that later in the year I would be blogging about healthy and low calorie food, I would have laughed in your while stuffing a big slice of domino’s Italiano fest pizza in my face. Yet here I am today 6 months later sharing with you the recipe of my easy to make cucumber, mint and lemon smoothie. I put up a picture on my instagram a few days ago and had quite a lot of people ask me how to make it. So why not kill two birds with one stone! I get to blog, and you learn my not so secret recipe. I am including pictures just for the heck of it, honestly how difficult can it be to mix a bunch of stuff together. Alrightie here we go!


What you need:

1 large cucumber

A few mint leaves

1 lemon (squeeze the juice)

1 tsp honey

1 cup green tea (I used lemongrass) you can use any, or plain water too.

Pinch of salt.


What to do (really you can’t tell where this is going?)

Next slice the cucumbers, add in mint, lemon juice, honey salt and green tea. Mix mix mix. And viola!


One deliciously refreshing smoothie is yours to enjoy. If for some reason you do not like the taste, excuse me, I have been drinking it for so long, I think my taste buds must have stopped protesting. You don’t have to stick to the recipe, make it your own, I sometimes add carrots, apples and other fresh ingredients too. So knock yourself out. Do try it and tell me how it was!