Yayvo’s Get Set School is a new talk of the town


Ever since its launch, Yayvo.com has been setting benchmarks for the ecommerce industry in Pakistan. The TCS brand has managed to stay a top of mind and sight on digital with their campaigns and offerings.

This year, capitalizing on the Back-to-School time, Yayvo has come up with the first ever Education E-Store, providing the utmost ease for parents and students to shop from the comfort of their homes as they get ready for yet another year of school.


The new campaign has become the talk of the town and has been able to turn eyeballs towards the brand’s approach to leverage ecommerce in Pakistan.

Yayvo’s Get Set School campaign lets you shop for your uniforms, books and all other school essentials online while saving a ton of time and effort.

This surely has opened up new avenues for experimentation and conversations in terms of growth of ecommerce in Pakistan and digital media marketing.


After fashion, groceries and technology, Yayvo brings Education to the arena of online shopping. Seems like great things are in pipeline and the brand isn’t shying away from experimenting!


*This post is sponsored by Yayvo.com.


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