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Lal Qila Seafood Festival


So everybody who’s anybody has been to the restaurant Lal Qila at least once. Being a replica of the famous Red Fort of Delhi, the restaurant tries its best to stay true to its name. With dishes bearing names like ‘shahi Batair’ (royal partridge) the place takes you back a century or two into a completely different era.

Recently Lal Qila held a Seafood Festival for all seafood aficionados. Already famous for its jumbo prawns, which diners flock to for large helpings, the entire menu was altered to fit in dishes to go along with the theme.  However some of the usual dishes were also offered.

The manager informed me, that while in the past the restaurant has held a mango and a barbeque festival, this was the first time for seafood and with the positive response it was receiving, they plan on having it again soon.

While on my way to Lal Qila, I had already thought of things I would say to a plateful of jumbo prawns, but kept an open mind (read appetite) for the rest of the menu.

Jumbo Prawns

Jumbo Prawns

Oh and remember the guy usually dressed up as Shahzada Saleem who goes around reciting poetry? In light of the seafood festival, that guy was ‘samandari lutera’ as he called himself. A pirate my friends. He dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. Tried really hard to take his picture but couldn’t.

I started off with a Seafood Chowder soup. Light and creamy, the soup had chunks of fish to add to the already delicious taste. Accompanied by the refreshing lemonade I was offered, I was in a food coma, and I had yet to ‘eat’.

Seafood Chowder soup

Seafood Chowder soup

Lahori Fish, Prawn Masala, Methi Prawn, Fish in Honey Sauce, Fried fish, Fried Prawns, Fish Burgers and jumbo Prawns were just some of the names I managed to note down before the gluttony began. I tried out the methi prawns, which were fine, the jumbo prawns, which like always were delectable. However I liked the other fried somewhat sad looking prawns better. The fish in honey sauce with some rice on the side left me wanting more.

Sad looking prawns - my favorite

Sad looking prawns – my favorite

Keeping up with the theme, diners were also given the opportunity to catch their fish live, before it being cooked. I went to try my luck at it, but those clever fishes outsmarted me and went and cluttered in the corner where the net didn’t reach.

Fishing anyone?

Fishing anyone?

Fresh from the "sea"

Fresh from the “sea”

To end the wonderful meal, I indulged in some delicious desserts that were being offered. Gulab Jamun (who can refuse), Gajar ka halwa, a lemon tart, and some jelly (I happen to be a kid at heart). The chocolate crunch kulfi of Lal Qila is my absolute favourite.

Desserts. Perfect way to end a meal.

Desserts. Perfect way to end a meal.

All in all, I had a great time. The food as always was delicious. The service impeccable. I asked for a well lit table and was given one. Placed up on it was a call button which diners can use if they need service. Next time you are stumped when deciding a place for dinner, I would recommend you visit Lal Qila.


Working from Home – Finding Online Jobs


Every student surviving on parents’ given pocket money knows the importance of money. And with the expenses these day (egad), a little extra cash always comes in handy. Which is why, online jobs that pay you to work from home are heaven sent.

Websites like, allow people to use their particular skill set to perform online jobs, and earn while sitting at home. With employment rate what it is, and highly educated candidates out of work, earning money online is the way to go.

Pakistan in the recent times has seen a surge of online activities. People can now learn, buy/sell, and work from home earning money using their inborn talent or whatever skill they possess. Students with a little free time can be seen content writing for various websites and be paid. Young mothers, or women who prefer not to leave the comfort of their homes cash in their talents by running successful home businesses such as making and selling clothes, jewelry and even cakes!

In the last few years, the rate of self employed Pakistanis has increased from 33.3% to 39.9%. Access to the internet in Pakistan is fairly easy, therefore more and more people have stopped relying on traditional means of income to earn money faster and by doing things they love.

Recognizing the growing culture of online jobs in Pakistan,, one of the world’s largest outsourcing market-place, has now decided to establish itself in the country as

There are a number of benefits while freelancing from home. You get flexible working hours, have the power to negotiate, earn more, and work in a stress free environment free from issues that usually plague their office going counterparts.

A press conference will be held on March 5th in Karachi where the Pakistani market will be officially introduced to